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Others: how do you describe all the fancyfull services todays territorial monopolistic service providers have come up with, to inflate the bueraucracies and have seemingly legit excuses for it? When you look at services your state forces upon you, but which you don’t really want or need or care to pay for via taxes, this is where we intend to list those.

This section will mostly serve as a repository for mental hygene, so each independency can move all lesser important services, which may be “nice to have” for a small minority, in here, thereby avoiding unnecessary complexity in the primary system of laws and services – KISS: keep it smart and simple

  • Do we need the size and shape of vegetables to be regulated, so the big supermarket chains have it easier to stack them in boxes?
  • Do we need all those little laws and regulations which limit our freedom without benefitting us (or benefitting some lobby and putting the majority at a disadvantage)?
  • Do you want to establish inequalities by making special rules apply to special groups (like religions, ethnic groups, etc.)?

Knock yourselves out with additional rules and regulations in your individual independencies – but do not force them onto those, who do not want them. Feel free to switch Independencies, if you are unhappy with where yours is heading (e.g. if it’s heading towards a religious autocracy) – we are aiming for a free market of competing Independencies, so you as a citizen can pick the provider for the service “state” which offers what you need/want at a competitive price. Additionally we can mention services here in the “others” section, which should typically be sourced locally at your “county”, like water, energy, waste disposal, sewage system, roads, building regulations, and all other infrastructure/local commodities which are immobile and tied to places of residence.

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