In a nutshell: what is independence4you.org?

  • an attempt to establish a free market alternative/competition to current territorial monopolist states (which may be calling themselves democracies, but mostly are not)
  • a platform to form “Independencies” = communities of compatible people, who want to jointly source “state” services
  • a direct/liquid (=true) democratic alternative to the most common form of government, the  “Lobbycratic Bureaucrannies” (the Tyranny by Bureaucracy, controlled by Lobbies, Banksters, etc.)
  • an honest attempt to organize ourselves, following the priciples of freedom and equality (which the United Nations Resolution for Human Rights entitles us to to)

This is a private startup intitative, without external funding (aside from a few donations) and everyone interested is welcome to join and optimize the content and site, or form their own Independency. Please forgive the compromised we had to make with regards to media- and web-design quality and focus on the content.

Motivation for independence4you.org

independence4you.org is about choice and against monopolies, especially where it really counts: in the government of our daily lives.
We at independence4you.org would like to build a community to ultimately provide an alternative to the statist territorial monopolies.
Read more about the background of independence4you.org

Download abstract: Independence4You-Essentials

To achieve this, we’ll have to play by the currently established rules, i.e. the laws of our (global) society – so here’s our: Legal Background

Read more about the legal background of independence4you.org




Any community of individuals (to work properly) needs to agree on a few fundamental principles (rights). These are usually published as publicly accessible data (documents, etc.).

So, here we go: the independence4you.org constitution

Read more on constitutions



In the Services section we plan to collect – well – services, which Independencies migh want to source together, as a community.

Read More on Services for independent communities (Independencies)




Independency (independence4you.org says): an independency is an organized community of individuals, regulated by an (ideally democratic?) constitution. The joint goal of the individuals in an Independency is, to govern themselves and source services jointly as a community. As such they remain independent from current territorial monopolist political entities such as territorial nations or states, and also from other independencies.

Read more on independencies


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Gliese Bernd

    Hallo zusammen,

    Müssen die Ansprüche dann gerichtlich durchgefochten werden z. B. über den internationalen Gerichtshof? Gibt es mittlerweile auch Anerkenntnisse?

    Über Informationen hierüber wäre ich Ihnen sehr dankbar.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Bernd Gliese
    gliesebau at t-online.de

    • TheAlien Post author

      Wir stehen noch ganz am Anfang. Sobald eine kritische Masse in einer Community erreicht ist, die sich für unabhängig erklären möchte, ist ein entsprechender Muster-Prozess der nächste Schritt, inklusive der rechtlichen Vorgänge nach internationalem Recht.

      LG., Bernhard G. Honemann


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