Tools for democratic self organization


The last few months have been busy (hence the break in new stuff at – we first got (and then lost) the budget for creating a tool for democratic self organization.


Upon analyzing existing tools (e.g. and others), we found that they all had two significant weaknesses, which make them unusable in a real world “democratic self organization” scenario:

  • lack of transaction security / accountability
  • no connection to real world application of made decisions

So we spent >1 person year of work to create a feature specification for a tool that is ultimately usable for the task to facilitate democratic self organization.

Unfortunately, after we had a signature of a potential benefactor to spend 200k€ on realizing the tool, this benefactor decided, that “too much democracy is not good” – so it goes with those who do have the money to finance something for the public good: they prefer to finance other things instead.

So here we stand:

  • we have a complete feature and function specification
  • we have conducted a search and evaluation of potential suppliers to do the coding for the tool (open source bases, so it can be released under GPL)
  • we are ready to go
  • we lack the funding

As the existence of a working tool for democratic self organization would be a major asset for (and creating democratically organized Independencies), we’ll keep trying to fund this tool, so all we do here is not just theory, but can be realized in a real world scenario.

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