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Must have services: without those, an Independency (community of people declaring themselves independent and forming a state/nation) makes very little sense; our goal is (if our communities get big enough) to ultimately provide these services via www.independence4you.orgImportant fact: we are trying to replace the services of the state by sourcing them (at a better price, with better quality) on a free market. Todays taxes are used to pay not only for the services the state provides, but also for overboardering bureaucracies (a huge overhead, which is not in the best interest of the citizens); the services provided at the level “state” are basically independent from the place you life or were born. The do not replace the infrastructure-services necessarily sourced at “county”-level at your place(s) of residence!Here are some “must have” services to consider in any Independency:

  • Identity Service: for economic and legal interaction and transactions it is (unfortunately) necessary, to provide a guaranteed, verified, and legally binding identity for any individual participating. This is usually done via birth certificates, residents certificates, passports, etc. So the management of ones (legal) identity is surely one “must have” service.
  • International legal representation: imagine embassies and contracts between states – independencies will have the responsibility, to represent their citizens legally towards other communities (independencies, states/nations, etc.). Also a “must have” service, simply to gain international recognition for the citizens of an Independency.

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