Info is about choice and against monopolies, especially where it really counts: in the government of our daily lives.

Currently territorial monopolists (states, nations, …) limit our options to freely select a provider of our choice, for the essential service “state” (or “government”). We will try to enter into a fair competition with current monopolistic service providers for the service “state”, by forming communities of compatible individuals, so called Independencies, and declaring ourselves independent from territorial monopolist rule.

We at would like to build a community to ultimately provide an alternative to the statist territorial monopolies on government. We aim to establish a free market for the service called “government”, so free and equal individuals can choose a service-provider for their needs and competition keeps these service providers efficient and cost-effective – totally unlike governments today.

And to achieve that, we have to build our case on existing legal documents, which obviously grant us the right to do soLegal Background:

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